What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 5th April #22 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

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This had started good, I had a lovely weekend at home, it was Mother’s day and Monday was my birthday. Then Wednesday came and I got the text message I have been DREADING! Where we had a date for the boy to come, plans made for Easter, meeting with a mortgage advisor……he has now been delayed by 10 days! I mean 10 BLOODY days! It is ok, I will just carry on smiling, I will be fine and inside I will just scream. I will have a lovely Easter with my 5 year old turned teenager, I will not get added grey hair. We will have a lovely time. It is just a shame it is yet another thing the boy misses out on, but as he so kindly told me…he is home in time for his birthday! Yeah cheers for that – I mean men! lol

So!!! Apart from that like I said I have had a good week and I am looking forward to the weekend, seeing one of my favourite people who just had a gorgeous little lady to go with her other gorgeous one! Very excited for baby cuddles!

So I have had some gorgeous book post and presents this week and I still have more money to spend on books! A few books got to be home with their sister books too! And of course some awesome books for blog tours and author requests

So I have not brought anything apart from the Karen McManus ones this week (see above!)

And then NetGalley, one I may have accidently clicked on and the other two are from my clicking spree awhile ago! So I am really happy with myself right now!

I feel like I am winning slowly. After being so overwhelmed with everything, I am slowly coming out of it the other side. Still a lot of tours but I think it is more manageable and I have been listening to the audiobooks too which help.

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? What books should I be looking at next week??

Until next time xxx

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13 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 5th April #22 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap