What has she done now? Why has it changed again? What is this ban you speak of? #Bloggerrambing

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I am sure it is the same with everyone at the moment, this pandemic has caused a lot of us to be restless and somewhat frustrated and sad at times. Emotions are all over the place and a lot of us (me included) have had to add the fact we have lost someone we love.

In times like this, our blogs can be our safe haven or our biggest enemy depending on how you look at it. I have been seriously considering stepping away from blogging recently. So I spent quite a few days this week falling back in love with my blog by redesigning it….again. I have spent hours looking at other bloggers sites to get ideas and inspiration and ta-da here we are.

Not a lot has changed on the front page and the layout – per se, but I think you can see that fonts, colours and pictures have changed. I wanted something fresh and appealing. I have/will be adding new headers in my posts, and you will start to see an addition to my reviews where I share with you what is on my bookshelf from the author called “What’s Next on My Shelf”, plus a chance for you lovely people to discuss recommendations/books on the shelf – because I am on a buying ban (more on that later). I am changing my feature images (although Twitter does not like them at the moment *facepalm*) but I have just rediscovered my love for it – maybe because it is shiny and new again! Plus there are some other tweaks, can you spot them LOL

Moving on to books, I keep panicking with all the stupid clicking I did years ago (and still do) on NetGalley and the number of books I have on my Kindle that I have bought, yet somehow it’s like a compulsion, you just can’t stop.

I told my tribe the other day that I am seriously on a ban from buying and NetGalley, I have said this so many times, they just laughed at me – I mean I don’t blame them, and they were just like ‘yeah yeah we have heard this before’ but I am determined to make a dent. I have seen how Cathy @Cathy746 has said no to buying and I am going to do the same.

So I am declaring as at 23rd May at 9:00 am, my current NetGalley shelf stands at:- 760 (please no judging here!) and I have 6 pending from awhile ago. I did do my SOS post back in April – see here. I can say I am currently flitting between Bitter by Francesca Jakobi (which I am buddy reading with Rae @ Rea Reads ) and I am reading Lying to You by Amanda Reynolds at the same time. (Plus tours and AuthorTakeOver books). I have also got buddy reads lined up to clear more off my shelf and of course my 20 Books of Summer.

With regards to books I have bought in the last couple of months, well I can’t possibly guess. But I know I bought 12 Kindle books on the 1st of May because of the sales! However, there is one exception to the buying rule, books for my AuthorTakeOver, there will be quite a few books I need to buy in June for some of my features, and this is the only time I will break this ban.

So the total number of books on my “Want to Read” shelf today is 1131 (I do think that there are books missing!), to me this is amazing if you think about where I started before my Should I Stay or Go Feature in March 2019 it was over 2000! (I have been buying what I got rid of, hence the ban!), in April 2019 it was 1,992. So you can see in a year a lot of books have been cleared each week, so I thank you for that

Here is a combination of my books for May (bought/gifted/preordered/Kindle Unlimited and NetGalley) as at today…. (You may recognise some from April wrap up post but I bought them in May!)

Can we say issue much?

So yes, a ban, no more! I am going to hopefully lay my posts out like Cathy with a countdown on NetGalley, some of these books are tour books, but I am on a mission to clear this backlog!

Why am I telling you all this? Sometimes it is just cathartic to write it down and then it’s out my brain. I have this thing that if I write things down or text/ email etc it is out of my brain and it’s done. Same with book reviews, once I finish the book I write the review straight away to get it out of my brain and then I can move on to the next book with a clear mind. It is working so far!

Thank you for reading and taking the time to take an interest, I may stop rambling now….well I need to, go to get mini-me ready for her dance lessons!

Hope you like the new blog! If anything doesn’t work or does work – I would love to hear below. Plus if you have are on a ban, want to do some buddy read or you want to mock me…well you know where the comments are ??

Thanks guys

Until next time xxx



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37 responses to “What has she done now? Why has it changed again? What is this ban you speak of? #Bloggerrambing

  1. 760? Like actually seven hundred and sixty? I think I fainted just now ?? But moving on, I love the new blog design! It’s fresh and cosy at the same time. I totes get that you write it down to get it out of your head, I’m the same, I can go over something in my mind for a bazillion times and then I write it down and I can finally let it go and I have peace of mind ?
    Shout if you need someone to talk you down from the ledge (of buying or requesting books) ?

    • Zoé

      Yeah tell me about it! I have no excuse I was reckless and don’t know what happened. It makes me anxious! Lol
      Ah thanks lovely! ❤️ that means so much to me and has made me smile.
      Yeah I love just putting it out there and then you can declutter your brain and move on. Otherwise my brain goes kaplooey and we don’t need that!
      Ha ha thank you! I need it ! eva is very strict too ?

  2. Looking good Missus. I think it’s a good idea to have a refresh every now and again. I’ve been thinking about it for my Facebook page to align more with the blog. Right now I don’t have the time or energy but have a week off soon so who knows?

    Netgalley and book buying ban? ? Ambitious. I couldn’t do it lol although I’m reading more of my buys and current NG titles and only have about 50 old titles to clear so perhaps I’m in a slightly better place. I’m actually clearing some of them via audio books on my morning walk now lol. It is tough as I want to read all the books. I have about 780 books unread in kindle but I’ve no doubt some of those are duplicate NG arc and bought books. I’ve not cleared some in a while. I have no idea in the book book front though and again, need a good tidy up to check lol. So so hard though. I will never stop buying new books lol.

    • Zoé

      Ah thanks lovey! I spent a good couple of hours doing it and a lot of research! Lol it was on my mind so I had to do it. Needed to de clutter the brain.

      The NetGalley ban is a must, buying well I will save and treat myself at the end. I need to clear the decks a bit. Oh wow you are are on fire! I miss listening to my audiobooks!
      I know what you mean, I defo have duplicates between NG and buying but I do need to stop and read what I’ve got. Otherwise I will never get anything read ??

  3. I love your blog’s new look! 🙂 I want to re-do mine but have no idea where to start so keep putting it off. Good luck with the netgalley ban. I got my NG shelf down to just 20 unread books last year and now it’s back up to around 60 unread. I need to keep away for a while! I keep jokingly suggesting to my husband that he should change my password for NG so that I can’t access it! Haha!

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovely! I just spent ages looking at everyone else’s. And wrote a list of everything I wanted. Took me all week. Ha ha yeah I need all the luck ? wow I wish I had so few on NG you are good!!! X

  4. Loved yoyr blog style. It tempted me to redo mine. But not at the moment, brain too stressed. I keep requesting on NG and buying books Zoé as it makes me feel I will be alive to read the books. It gives me hope when news takes away all of mine. It is just momentary hope, something better than nothing. So not going on a ban but I am careful about buying certain on sale books only.

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovely! I found it quite therapeutic to be honest, I sat and looked at loads of different blogs and wrote down a list of things I wanted. Now my brain feels a bit decluttered.
      If I could read them quicker I wouldn’t have banned myself lol

    • Zoé

      Aw thanks lovely all in all accounts. I haven’t been interacting lately as I just seem to have no time for anything. But that’s why I sat and just did it. I will have a break at some point but I would miss everyone lol xx

  5. Karen

    Love the new blog look. I feel so much better about my what I thought was my huge NG to read list now!?

    • Zoé

      Thanks Karen. Ha ha not thanks now ? it’s a ridiculous amount isn’t it! How many do you have? X

  6. I love your new design, and I totally understand the book ban it’s not something you am able to do I just don’t have the will power? xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovey! Yeah I have to do.way too many books on my kindle, I hide them on their so he doesn’t know what I have bought ?

  7. Good luck 🙂 and glad you decided to keep blogging. I find that the more books I acquire, the more stressed I feel (weird?!) so am mixing up the new books with re reads.

    • Zoé

      Thank you ? I know the feeling but I can’t stop myself from buying or clicking hence the ban ?

  8. Loving the new look, I so feel your psi with the dreaded NetGalley shelf, I have hundreds some have been on there since I started blogging? but I can’t stop requesting! Plus it’s even worse when you get auto approved from your favourite publishers. Good luck with the book buying ban, I did the same in the start of lockdown …it’s very liberating reading what already have on the shelf/kindle.

    • Zoé

      Thanks Frankie! I know I am now trying to read some of the older ones to clear down my shelf. It’s just tough, trying to fit everything in. I try to ignore the auto approves ones they are the devil sometimes lol oh I bet it was! That is what I need to do!

  9. Your blog is beautiful to look at Zoé. I love the calm colours. I should go on a ban (I have over 1000 books on NG to read) but have not will power. I actually thought about quitting so I couldn’t go on to look. I figure as long as I don’t feel pressured, I am doing okay. Enjoy your reading and blogging and if you don’t then it is time to reconsider.

    • Zoé

      Thank you Carla! I thought I had a high number. I don’t go on their now unless it’s to put my review in. I can’t keep doing it so will read what I have and then not feel so bad lol