20 Books of Summer is back baby! My Summer Challenge #20booksofsummer20

Posted May 22, 2020 by Zoé in 20 Books of Summer 2020 / 32 Comments

Hosted by Cathy@746books The 20 Books of Summer is a reading challenge from 1 June to 1 September encouraging you to read up to 20 books from your TBR. Cathy herself admits that the rules are very slack and not to worry if you don’t manage to make it. Anyone is welcome to join in the challenge – just pick your 20 books (or 15, or 10) to read over the summer and write a post about them. Then sign up to the page on 746 Books. You can share your lists and your progress on twitter using #20BooksofSummer

I took past last year and didn’t achieve my 20 books, it was unfortunately when I was ill so reading took a back seat. This year I am determined to clear a few off my shelves and hit it. I am tackling books from publishers, bought books and the all dreaded NetGalley shelf. So which books have I chosen…and more importantly will it be the same 20 at the end……

Looking at my post last year I did not read one book of that list – whoopsie!

Fingers crossed I can do better this time!!

I didn’t include any of my #AuthorTakeOver I mean I am going to be reading the entire back catalogue of Carol Wyer, so I could have included them but felt I was cheating a bit!

What do you think? Any books on here that you have on your list?

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32 responses to “20 Books of Summer is back baby! My Summer Challenge #20booksofsummer20

  1. Looks like a great list. I am also participating, so need to work on my list soon. Good luck with getting them all read, I am sure you will have no problem.

    • Zoé

      Ooh will keep an eye out for your list! Thank you, I need to stick to my list this year!!!

  2. You have a few on your list that I read last summer and you have a few on your list that I want to read this summer ? Perhaps I should look into joining the challenge ?

    • Zoé

      Thanks Ellie! I’ve not read one yet off my list but loads of others ? are you doing it?

      • Ellie Rayner

        Ahah! That’s always the case, you’ve still got a lot of time, I’m sure you’ll make it! No I’m not, but I’ve got a few challenges that are similar! Fingers crossed we can both accomplish our goals ?