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Well it is yet another #AuthorTakeOver done and we have spent the last 15 days devoted to Mr Amooi, and what a better way to start on the day of love and finish on what is known as the day that women propose to men – Leap Day! If you want to fall in love then you know you should read these books, they might even give you inspiration 😉 (I cannot be held accountable for anything that may or may not happen!!)

Ok, so today, it is the last day and I have nothing to share, I am here as a bystander just appreciating the author along with someother fab reviewers/bloggers!

I hope I have gone some way to convince you to take a chance on Rich’s amazing books and they are there for you to soak up for an afternoon. They do seriously leave a huge smile on your face, well this is what they do to me! I am just waiting for the day for the new book to come out……………

Well what have we learned so in the last 15 (YES 15) days??

  1. Love will always turn up in places you do not always expect or want it too!

2. Madam Love turns up in 2 separate stories, Lilliana Jones and the Temple of Groom and of course Madam Love, Actually… I wonder if she will appear in anymore?

3. It seems that Mr Amooi likes to do a lot of Jumping in his spare time, check it out here.

4. Mr Amooi is quite tired of all the abuse he receives from other men that have not had the chance to knock him off the Top spot for the last 10 years as World’s sexist men, here are some of the culprits! (Tsk Tsk, get over it guys)

5. He blows it out of the park every time he writes from a woman’s point of view, it’s scary that he knows how we tick. He also blows it out of the park when he writes his books from the male point of view!

6. Every book that features a Dog, it has the best names!! Typo, Scrabble, Chimichanga and Bear are just some of my favourite ones!

7. He loves the play on movie titles in his covers…can you guess them all? My favourite is Bored of the Rings and Dog Day Wedding (See the recap list below)

8. Just Another Silly Love Song is out on 30th April!! I will buying this and I have signed up for the tour and hoping to open it in May!

9. You can not buy his book Happy to be Stuck With you but you can get a free copy of this novella, if you sign up to his newsletter here

10. And finally, now this is a big corker! I may now have a new favourite book and it might not be 5 Minutes Late! But which do you think it could be???

Here is a quick recap of everything I covered in the last 15 days!

Introduction to Rich Amooi and my Review of Five Minutes Late (2nd time I have read this book)

Review of Dog Day Afternoon

Review of Kissing Frogs

Review of Mr Crotchety

Review of An Eclair to Remember

Review of Lilliana Jones and the Temple of Groom

Review of Coffee, Tea or Me

Review of Happy to be Stuck with You

Review of Kiss Me in the Snow

Review of Bored of the Rings

Author Grilling Time – A Q&A with Mr Amooi

Re-share my Review of Madam Love, Actually

Re-share my Review of There’s Something About a Cowboy

Re-share my Review of Dying to Meet You

Re-reshare my Review of It’s Not PMS, It’s You

Wow, I think we have covered a LOT. Now it is not just me who wanted to share their love for Mr Amooi and his books, I have tracked down some bloggers who also wanted to share a few words to try and entice you over to read his books too!

Rachel, Rachel Random ResourcesRich Amooi has an uncanny knack of being able to write fabulous female characters and brilliant humour. I’ve read three of his books so far and I am always hooked really early on and have found them to be incredibly fun to read. And from organising blog tours for Rich, I find him to be a very friendly guy, and a pleasure to work with.

Berni Maycock, BR Maycock’s Book BlogI love the vibrancy of his books, you hear a lot about sparkly books but it’s like he has been fine-tuned so they’re even more vivid in the characters and settings, and his humour is bang on point!!

Lorna, On the Shelf ReviewsRich Amooi’s books are just so joyful, they never fail to cheer me up. I may have only read a couple of his books up until now, but they’ve never failed to make me laugh. I’ve also found his character to be flawed yet believable and definitely not your typical rom-com stereotypes! 
If you love a good rom-com, his books are a must-read!

Yvonne, Me and My Books –  I first came across this author when I was invited to take part in a Blog Tour for There’s Something about a Cowboy. The synopsis came across well and at the time I was after a lighter and more fun read. Well, Rich Amooi definitely provided both of those things. Since reading that book I have taken part in another tour and also purchased a couple of his books. I find his books to be books of pure escapism that leave me feeling positive and relaxed, they are a little tongue in cheek, they are a little stereotypical but you know what I don’t care I love them. He is one of my go-to authors when I want to just chill out, relax and giggle. Love this author and love his books.

Rae, Rae ReadsRich Amooi is one of my go-to authors for stories that are guaranteed to make me smile and laugh! His books are always filled with fun and lively characters. I always feel as if I’m right there with them getting the chance to tag along too! Also a big thank you has to go to Zoé who is the one who actually recommended Rich Amooi’s books to me!

So as you can see it’s not just me! So why did I choose Rich Amooi?

Well as you are all probably aware by now he got me out of a reading slump that I was miserable in. His book Five Minutes Late was devoured and spurred me on to read more, this ignition set me off on a path to create my blog! I am so fond of his books and they never ever fail to make me smile and dream of a Prince Charming. When you read the books, you get Rich’s quirky personality shining through and I love this. (If you don’t know what I mean – go read the Q&A). Whenever I see Rich Amooi on the title of a book I know it is one I need to read now and not be interrupted for a couple of hours! Please just do not ever stop writing!

I can’t believe that it is over! I want to thank everyone who has supported this TakeOver by re-sharing reviews or sharing my reviews and the epic Q&A throughout these days – we have a break now but will be back soon with another one! But you guys rock!!

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8 responses to “Author Appreciation Rich Amooi @RichAmooi #AuthorTakeOver

  1. I now have a couple of his books to read thanks to your blog! And I am saving them for when I need something to cheer me up and sweep me away.

    I’ve very much enjoyed your author take over series!

  2. I haven’t read all the posts yet, but am working my way through them. I am going to start reading more of his books on KU, just need to get all the blog tours out of the way. I need fun reads.

    • Zoé

      Oh bless you! They are so much fun and quick to read. Yeah I cut back on the tours this year for that reason!

  3. Zoé! Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times for featuring me and my romantic comedies. That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me since I started publishing books a little over 5 years ago. Big hugs from San Diego.

    • Zoé

      Rich, it has been an absolute pleasure! Thanks for putting up with me! ❤️ I have loved every second of it and of your books. It’s been awesome 😎 I am glad that I have been able to something like this for you! X