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Blind Date by R.L. Stine
Series: Point Horror #2
Published by Scholastic Paperbacks on July 15 1986
Pages: 208

Kerry's had a very bad year. But now his luck has finally changed.

He's got a blind date with a girl who sounds really hot.

He can't wait. He knows this girl is going to be really different.

Kerry's right.

Because his blind date really is the girl of his dreams.

Or maybe his worst nightmares...

We are back again with another instalment of #NostalgiAAARGH and you are in for a treat today. Steph over at BookShine and Readbows has part 1 of Blind Date Hate and I am hosting part 2, so please do check out Steph’s post here. It’s a corker!! But before we get to that, check out my review here!

My Review

So Blind Date! So cheesy! The plot itself is a good one in a sense, an accident that happens, Kerry, the main character doesn’t remember what happened that night and no one will tell him. Cue the opening scenes and he breaks the star quarterback’s leg – by accident! This starts the most bizarre episodes of his life.

Like I said the plot is good, it’s plausible but the characters are cring-gy! Kerry becomes obsessed with a voice on a phone. A random girl calls him up and asks him out on a date, his friend Margo, told Mandy to call him and ask him out. Just from her “sexy” and “foxy” voice, Kerry decided she must be fit, he quickly and somewhat desperately agrees to take her out on a date, who is this woman? One thing I found so laughable was when Kerry was driving to pick Mandy up on their date to the cinema, he was thinking this!

And of course, she probably wouldn’t want to “go all the way” until after the movie. But he could understand that. He liked a girl with some old-fashioned values.

Wait…what!!! Old fashioned values are putting out after the movie, so if she did it in the intermission she would be deemed as a “modern girl”, easy maybe?! I mean I did chuckle at this. How dated, and how wrong! Kerry had not even had his first kiss at this point! Seriously boy!

Whilst we have the mysterious date to ponder, strange things are happening to Kerry. Sent to the wrong address where he is shouted at by shocked parents, threatening and creepy phone calls, noises he can not explain. All seem to be linking back to an incident that happened a year ago that he cannot remember and he does not want to remember. I mean I want to know – how rude! What caused him to lose his memory? Why should he be afraid of his brother? So many unanswered questions, but he is so in love with a mysterious voice that he does not want to investigate any further and brushes everything off.

When we meet the voice, the girl, Mandy, she is instantly the stereotypical hot chick in a thriller and surprise surprise Kerry is obsessed. But things are not adding up at all and Kerry finally starts to question everything.

This was a quick and easy read and for the second in the Point Horror series, I just hope things do pick up. Back in the day, I would have probably loved this book, nowadays I rolled my eyes, I laughed and I wondered how anyone could survive a Blind Date! This is Stine’s first book in this genre and it does show, as mentioned, he has a fabulous plot idea, just the execution is like a bit of whiffy cheese. However, I was invested in the story and I needed to know what the final outcome was going to be and in true Stine style, there is a twist you do not see coming.

Check out what Steph has to say and for part one of Blind Hate here.

Before you go, check out part two of Blind Hate…….

Theme tune kicks in DO do Do do Do dooooooooooooooo

KR : And welcome back to Killer Hate, where we catch up with Kerry and his date but who did he choose.

Was it girl number one? A bit of a Teacher’s Pet, that might just eat your brains if you let her.

Or was it girl number two? A very enthusiastic, sport-loving gal who rather see you crushed than the date you.

Or finally girl number three? She only has eyes for the prize and has her mind set on going somewhere dark and secluded.

So Kerry who do you choose, girl number 1, 2 or 3?

Kerry : Erm, well based purely on her foxy voice it would have to be……girl number 3

KR: Kerry! That is a fab choice there! Shall we see who you turned down?

K : Er no that is ok. I just want to see girl number 3

KR: Oh you are a bit of an eager beaver, ok so without further ado, we can reveal you chose………

……the foxy and old fashioned gal Mandy.

We will check back in after their date….

Welcome! So Kerry, did you choose the right girl?

Kerry: Hi Ms Rack, *gulp*, well it was a bit of a hair raising time that is for sure.

KR : Oh Kerry, this does sound interesting! I have to ask before we discuss your date, is the fact that you are not sitting next to Mandy, did the date not go to plan then?

K : She is crazy! She gave me the wrong address for starters and then she took us for a drive and well nearly got us killed. I mean who drives on the left-hand side of the road.

Mandy : I explained what happened! You put me off when you tickled me and then my hands slipped off the wheel

K : You were doing over sixty-five kept hitting the curb. I would have been better off with girl number 2, at least I know she wanted to crush me! You said you liked me!

M : But I do.

KR : Oooh I do love a bit of drama. A bit of action to get the blood pumping in all the right places *winks* So what else did you do on your date?

K : Well someone was stalking her so we ran away to her relative’s cabin in the forest. She had a mallet in the car for some reason, not sure why and I built us a nice warm fire.

KR : Was there a nice fluffy carpet by the fireplace?! I mean…what happened next? All sounds very exciting, I mean even the mallet has not put me off yet

M : I made us some nice drinks and Kerry said I was hot *blushes* I really thought we would cuddle up and maybe share a couple of kisses but, well, he fell asleep

K : Because you put something in my drink!!!

M : Only something to relax you

K : Then she tied me up to a chair

KR : Ok, ok ok as much as I would lurve to know where this goes, remember there are children watching this, and we DO NOT need to know what happens next. *whispers* but you can always tell me later if you wish to finish the story.

So, will you love birds see each other again?

M : Well I would love to, I mean Kerry is the perfect guy for me, just look at him!

K : Erm, no thanks! I mean I do not want to go have a girlfriend in visiting hours only. Anyway, Josh has mentioned his cousin Sarah is coming up this weekend……….

KR: Well it is a shame that true love did not prevail this time, but who knows what may happen in the next instalment of Blind Hate, will we have a match made in heaven, or will it be another round of some saucy debauchery or will someone end up dead?

Do check out and stalk Steph, I am sure she will love it!

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Really hope you enjoyed this feature and review! Check back next time for more #NostalgiAAARGH with the Weekend by Christopher Pike.

Until next time xxx

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