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#BookReview of Living is Losing by Cassius Cox @grahammarkcox @SpellBoundBks @ZoolosBT #LivingIsLosing #CassiusCox #SpellBoundBooks #ZooloosBookDiary #ZooloosBookToursLiving is Losing by Cassius Cox
Published by SpellBound Books on June 19th 2022
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Pages: 252

His thirst for revenge could cost him everything .

Jack Stone was just 13 years old when he witnessed the brutal death of his older brother.

As he enters adulthood Jack is filled with anger, unresolved trauma and suicidal thoughts plague his every waking moment.

Supported by his parents he seeks help and forms a close bond with his psychotherapist, Roisin.
Together they explore the crippling guilt he feels surrounding his brother's death.

To manage his aggression Jack joins a boxing gym where his trainer, Pete, believes he has potential and guides him to success.

He finds love with childhood friend Kirsten. His world is complete at the birth of his son.

But when the unthinkable happens Jack is forced to return to his dark past and confront his demons once and for all.

I seem to be reading more and more corkers lately and this book has just hit the spot. This is definitely one of my favourite books this year! I was speeding through the book because it was just intense in the final third! Jeez, my heart!

I am going to admit I am not a huge fan of boxing, and for a girl who loves action movies it doesn’t make sense, I know! I will watch the PPV events, but I am just not a fan, but something just drew me to this book and I knew I had to read it. I LOVED all the amazing quotes that are in this book, all having a different meaning to what we have read and are about to read.

This is a book of 3 parts, the young, the growing and the finale. All are powerful, all have a high stake. From the innocent Jake, we meet, to the man he is was a journey and half and I am so glad he never gave up. His friends, his family and the boxing, all amazing support that he needed. I was rooting for this innocent boy from the start, the heartache and guilt he overcame just broke my heart, but it wasn’t until near the end I was crying. My heart literally was in my throat and I just couldn’t tap my kindle fast enough to get to the end. The parallel plot running through the book was cold and worrying and I think for the majority of the book I was worried. I had an awful sense of unease and it didn’t relent!

I am just in awe of Cassius’ writing! I mean he must have gone some dark places when writing this, but nothing was gratuitous. Unfortunately, it was all needed, I say, unfortunately, well….when you read it you will see why. I just don’t know what words to say, I was speechless by the end, I was floored and I was overcome with relief! I tell you I feel like I have been put in a boxing ring!! I seriously didn’t want to put this book down, I loved it so much!

I’m really not ready to let this story go, or Jack and his friends.

Until next time xxx

About Cassius Cox

Born in Dorking, Surrey England.

I love stories, whether it be in film, book, or music. If it moves me emotionally, then I am sold. As a child I used books or films to escape reality, in fact I probably still do. My happy place is the cinema.

My favourite genre is psychological thriller, I prefer a story that is emotionally driven, the darker the better. But I am happy to be recommended a good book in any genre. My favourite work of fiction is One Day by David Nicholls and my favourite non-fiction is Stephen King’s On Writing.

I am a huge sports fan. I love boxing, MMA and football. These days I am coaching football rather than playing. I love watching live sport, you might see me at the Meadowbank stadium watching my local team Dorking Wanderers, The London stadium watching West Ham or at Wembley watching England.

Favourite holiday destinations are Woolacombe in Devon, Florida, Vegas and Thailand.

I enjoy going jogging and going the gym, but I also like a drink and a takeaway so the two probably count each other out. I’m far from perfect.

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