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#BookReview of Marble’s Marvels by Katie Simpkins @dcbrockwell1 #BeatTheBackLog #MarblesMarvels #BookJarBook3 #KatieSimpkinsMarble's Marvels by Katie Simpkins
on March 19, 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Pages: 358

Marble's Marvels is struggling. Too few customers, poor quality food. Competing with the Italian restaurant across the road doesn’t help either. Kate and Aiden Marble are out of ideas.
Aiden is still struggling to cope after a tragic accident split their village in half two years ago. Kate tries to hold everything together, knowing that unless things change, and soon, they will lose the restaurant.
A chef turns up out of the blue and offers to cook them the best food they've ever tasted in return for a job as sous chef.
When he is appointed, the fortunes of the restaurant miraculously turn around and it seems some of its customers are benefitting too.
Is it a coincidence or is there something magical about their mysterious chef?

This book hit all the marks right when I needed it to. It really is a slice of magic. Everything about it! Even though I originally bulked when I saw it was 404 pages, it really didn’t feel like it when reading it. I lost track of time and I just wanted to sit and read about Kate, Aidan and Chef.

I just loved that this appealed to my softer side and it gave me ALL the warm and fuzzy feelings. It is such a perfect pick me up. A book that just goes to show that no matter how low things may get, there will always be something that can just turn it all around again.

I do love books like this, ones that give you hope and serenity at the same time. I got the happily ever after I was looking for. There were a few twists in the book I saw coming but that really didn’t matter. The journey we take with everyone is pure magic.

It is really true what other people have said, this book is like a nice warm hug. I loved snuggling down in bed or on my sofa and catching up with everyone. I felt their pain and strife. I felt their happiness and success, which is a credit to the author for making everyone so down to earth and believable….even one specific character.

The ending again, pure magic and you know what I think, I reckon that maybe a second book could be done. I would love to see how Kate and Aidan are doing yes, but the story was about Chef, despite not having much of the limelight. The true driving force, so another book with him. Well, I’m there.

I do not know what I can say, which hasn’t been said already. Even the side story and growth of Fran was nice to witness and her ending made me smile. If I wasn’t next to a sleeping child, I may have cheered.

Everything about this book is just, well lovely and magical. No other words can be said about it. Just a pure healthy slice of heaven.

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