#BookReview of Midas by Alan Meredith #Midas #AlanMeredith #ZooloosBookTours

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#BookReview of Midas by Alan Meredith #Midas #AlanMeredith #ZooloosBookToursMidas by Alan Meredith, Callum Meredith
Published by Richard Meredith on August 7, 2020
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Pages: 115
Also by this author: Shimmer

Hearing voices when no one is talking to you is a bad sign right?

When twelve year old Tyler follows the calls of his name into the burnt out house on the roundabout, and finds Midas, his luck appears to have changed for the better.


It was a great read, watching a boy get what he always wanted. However, it came at a great cost! The ending was slightly chilling and I do wonder what the ending could mean. I mean, is it as straightforward as we think?

Tyler lives with his mum, and life is very simple until Tyler sees the house. The house infiltrates his dreams and causes him more problems than he expected.

I love the play on Midas and the mythology of Midas, huge fan as I love Greek Mythology. There is an air of mystery about Midas and his backstory but if you are Tyler you just want the headlines. The bond they had was touching to see….until it wasn’t. A boy who just wants more from life, and with a touch of greed, we see this play out very quickly and so every word matters on the pages to drive the story home.

A clever story with a twist to chill you at the end.

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About Alan Meredith

Alan Meredith lives in sleepy West Sussex with his wife and two children. He relocated there after suffering a psychosis back in 2000. Writing stories was a childhood love that he lost as he mistakenly believed that imagination had no place in the grown up world.

He likes taking reality and weaving fantastical elements into it. Alan’s writing reflects his belief that life is a journey of highs and lows and the idea that ‘life should be fair’ is an unrealistic expectation to give anyone, especially kids. If you are looking for the sugar coated ‘Happy Ever After’ you have come to the wrong place.

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