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I am back again with some more about the festival! We have such a busy week at HQ and tomorrow is busy for me as I am off to see 3 panels! I still have to fit my job in somehow!

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Ok tomorrow I am off to see –

Joseph Coelho & Sheena Dempsey: How to Create Characters @ 1:30pm I can’t wait for this tomorrow and learning about characters!

Performance poet and playwright, Joseph Coelho, and author and illustrator, Sheena Dempsey, come together to build a story. With your help, they create adventures about the robots Tap and Switch in their home city of Amp-hamton – and have your say in developing the story about a bad robot! This is a schools event. If your school is interested in taking part, please email our Learning Officer Tania McCormack at taniamccormack@creativefolkestone.org.uk.

Adrian Dunbar & Catherine Heaney: Seamus Heaney – A Living Legacy @ 4pm (*Staff Pick by Sharon and Lauren*)As it had been said by Lauren and Sharon it’s Adrian Dunbar!! Plus I love Seamus Heaney’s poetry!

Adrian Dunbar & Catherine Heaney: Seamus Heaney - A Living Legacy

Part of the legacy of a great writer is that the work lives on and continues to move and inspire both readers and writers. That’s certainly the case with Seamus Heaney. Catherine Heaney discusses the role of Seamus Heaney’s family in shaping his legacy and actor Adrian Dunbar explains why the poetry means so much to him. 
Adrian Dunbar’s films include The Crying Game and Hear My Song. Most recently on television he has played Superintendent Ted Hastings in Line of Duty. Catherine Heaney is the daughter of Seamus Heaney and Director of her father’s literary estate.
‘In the din of acclaim, he never lost his clarity of perception, nor as a poet among poets his generosity of spirit. He gave us what he once said he looked for in Mandelstam, “poetry that is not only pleasurably right but compellingly wise”‘ – Gerard Smyth on Seamus Heaney, Poetry Ireland.
Event chaired by Lucy Scholes.

Nick Fraser: Say What Happened at 6pm – anything to do with films and film making I will be there! The film buff in me can be sedated!

Nick Fraser

Documentary films are the rock and roll of our times. Why are they made? Who are in the tribe of documentary film-makers? Do their films really change the world? Eighteen years ago, Nick Fraser created BBC Storyville, producing films that won Oscars, BAFTAs, and Peabody Awards. He found film-makers from all across the world covering important subjects in documentaries.
In ‘Say What Happened’ he describes the frenzied, intense world of documentary film-making, tracing its history back to the early pioneers, such as Dziga Vertov and his ground-breaking Man with a Movie Camera. The book deals with the British documentary tradition founded by John Grierson, and discusses the work of American masters such as the Maysles brothers, Frederick Wiseman and D.A. Pennebaker, as well as Europeans such as Marcel Ophuls, Claude Lanzmann, Chris Marker, and Werner Herzog.
He interviews acclaimed documentary film-makers and discusses the work of Ken Burns, Errol Morris, and Joshua Oppenheimer, among others across the globe, as well as listing his top one-hundred documentaries, and where readers can watch them.
In a world beset with ‘fake news’, Nick Fraser argues that documentaries are better at expressing the verities about life and death and that the new journalism will come from films made using new technology.
Nick Fraser is creative director of the documentary streaming service and production house Docsville.
“These are the musings of a man who has thought deeply about his medium and how it affects us, which is far more deeply than we realise.” The Herald Scotland on Say What Happened

Event chaired by James Collie. Event Sponsor: RSM

Other Events happening!

Siri Hustvedt: Memories of the Future at 8pm (*Staff Pick by Marita*)

Siri Hustvedt: Memories of the Future

In Siri Hustvedt’s most recent novel, Memories of the Future, a character comments ‘I am writing not only to tell. I am writing to discover.’ It’s a phrase that encapsulates Hustvedt’s approach to her work- ever curious, ever challenging. In a special live link-up from New York, she discusses fiction, memory, the condescension of men towards women as explored in Memories of the Future, and of how a woman might live well in today’s world.

Siri Hustvedt is the author of poetry, essays and non-fiction, and her novels including the international bestsellers What I Loved and The Summer Without Men. The Blazing World won the 2014 Los Angeles Book Prize for fiction. In 2012 she was awarded the International Gabarron Prize for Thought and Humanities. She is a lecturer in psychiatry at Weil Cornell Medical College in New York. Her work has been translated into over thirty languages. “Reading a Hustvedt novel is like consuming the best of David Lynch on repeat” – Financial Times.

Event chaired by Madeleine Hodge.

On Wednesday 20th, what is in store for you?

Yomi Ayeni: The Future of the Story at 11:30am and 1:30pm –I am looking forward to this, all of this just screams out to me! I am such a kid!

Yomi Ayeni: The Future of the Story

Yomi Ayeni is an award-winning transmedia creator, producer, filmmaker, and storyteller. A recent project, Clockwork Watch is a multi-cultural retro-futurist steampunk story told across graphic novels, interactive theatre, online, and film. The project has spawned eight graphic novels, a fictional newspaper, immersive live events and exhibitions.

Yomi lectures in Transmedia Storytelling at the Royal College of Arts and believes mapping stories to everyday life creates experiences that bring audiences closer to the heart of a narrative.

This is a schools event. If your school is interested in taking part, please email our Learning Officer Tania McCormack at taniamccormack@creativefolkestone.org.uk.

Charles Moore – Margaret Thatcher: Herself Alone at 6pm (*Staff Pick by Angela*)

Charles Moore

How did Margaret Thatcher change and divide Britain? How did her model of combative female leadership help shape the way we live now? How did the woman who won three general elections in succession find herself pushed out by her own MPs? In the third and final volume of his biography of Margaret Thatcher, Herself Alone, Charles Moore’s full account, based on unique access to Margaret Thatcher herself, her papers and her closest associates, tells the story of her last period in office, her combative retirement and the controversy that surrounded her even in death.

It includes the Fall of the Berlin Wall which she had fought for and the rise of the modern EU which she feared. It lays bare her growing quarrels with colleagues and reveals the truth about her political assassination.

Moore’s three-part biography of Britain’s most important peacetime prime minister paints an intimate political and personal portrait of the victories and defeats, the iron will but surprising vulnerability of the woman who dominated in an age of male power. This is the full, enthralling story.

Charles Moore joined the staff of The Daily Telegraph in 1979, and as a political columnist in the 1980s covered several years of Mrs. Thatcher’s first and second governments. He was editor of The Spectator 1984-90; editor of the Sunday Telegraph 1992-95; and editor of The Daily Telegraph 1995-2003, for which he is still a regular columnist. The first volume of his biography of Margaret Thatcher, published in 2013, won the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography, the HW Fisher Best First Biography Prize and Political Book of the Year at the Paddy Power Political Book Awards.

Event chaired by Julian Glover.

Nicholas Crane: You Are Here at 8pm (*Staff Pick by Oli*) Sponsors Pick by News Now

Nicholas Crane - You Are Here

“We all have a world view. It is one of the things that makes us human. Wherever we come from, whoever we are, we all have to engage with people, places and our environment. Geography is a way of thinking.”

In You Are Here: A Brief Guide to the World, Nicholas Crane explores how one word binds us all: geography. We are all geographers, human beings who care about the places we think of as ‘home’ – our habitat. And yet we have lost touch with the connection between our actions and the state of the planet that we all share. We need a new narrative that restores the connections between humanity and the Earth.

We are being confronted by a daily barrage of geographical stories on climate change, geopolitics, population growth, migration, dwindling resources, polluted oceans and environmental hazards ranging from flooding to extreme heatwaves. These are planetary concerns affecting all people and all places. They are challenges that have to be addressed through policies based on geographical science.

In this distillation of a lifetime’s work, Nicholas Crane makes the compelling case that geography has never been so important. On this finite orb, with its battered habitat, sustained in dark space by a thin, life-giving atmosphere, we have reached a point in our collective geographical journey where knowledge is the best guarantor of the future

Nicholas Crane is an author, geographer, cartographic expert and a recipient of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Mungo Park Medal in recognition of outstanding contributions to geographical knowledge, and of the Royal Geographical Society’s Ness Award for popularising geography and the understanding of Britain. His previous titles include The Making of the British Landscape, Coast: Our Island Story and A Mountain Walk Across Europe, which won the 1997 Thomas Cook / Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award. In recent years, Nick has become best known for his TV work, presenting five BBC2 series: Coast, Map Man, Great British Journeys, Nicholas Crane’s Britannia and Town.

This event is part of the Climate Change & the Environment – Futures strand of programming.

What a lot for you to feast your eyes on! Hope to see you down here!

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