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For those of you who do not know, I am co-hosting a podcast with two amazing people. Before I divulge more information and the future I thought I would take you through the history of this awesome show.

Back in August, a little known author on my blog called Stuart James and the fab author Keri Beevis started a podcast. The first episode that went live had an interview with L. A Detwiler, they discussed scary stories and it has just got better and better with each episode.

Here is the link to the overall podcast –

Stu did a shout on the Facebook page, Stu and Keri’s reviews, news and interviews about being on the show and I jumped at the chance. I think it was the following week when I first appeared with Chloe (Chloe’s Reading Room) and we discussed our 5-star reads. I remember being so blinking nervous and didn’t say much, which for me is something. We were speaking on our phones and we were on for 10 minutes and then it was done, my first stint on a podcast. Then we were asked to come back again and again and then it expanded to the 5* bar where it became me, Chloe, Donna Morfett, Jo Bilton and Kate Everleigh (All their contacts are below) and it has been such a giggle and a lot of winding Stu up! Poor Stu 😏

In November, Keri had to step back unfortunately for personal reasons and it was sad to see her go. Stu then messaged me to ask if I could help out with an interview, so with the help of Chloe, we interviewed Chris Carter. Between the nerves, I think me and Chloe had about 30 nervous wees. I was nervous but excited. By this point, we had been on zoom for ages but it was my first interviewing someone. Chris didn’t have his camera on so he was saved from seeing on my face! (Side note, we weren’t Stu’s first choice which we constantly remind him of.)

Next up we interview Rachel Abbott which was a blast and I was introduced to Alan Gorevan and his Irish Voice and his books! We have even interview M.W. Craven! These are all live episodes now!

However, the interviews are getting better and better. We still have to go live Liz Nugent, Tony Parsons and one I am not OVER YET! MICHAELL CONNELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean does life get any better? Well it does, each week I get to speak to two of my favourite humans, we discover unsolved mysteries, urban legends, horror films and tv, and fricking zombies and a lot and lot of laugh. I am still lucky to be part of the 5-star bar and we are now taking reading requests. Someone suggested we read B.A Parris’ – Behind Closed Doors and so we did. (My review will live on Sunday) That conversation will happen tomorrow (19th December) so tune in for that.

If you have any books you think the 5-star girls should read, let me know and I can put it forward. We will then on the show discuss the book and our thoughts as well as providing our current 5 stars read.

The podcast changes each week from Dad Jokes, to the Middle Button Game to just general mayhem ensuing. One thing for sure is that I have not got bored and if you saw the WhatsApps chats you can see why. Maybe one day Stu might get mine and Chloe’s name right, but then where is the fun in that.!!

I hope you do take the time to listen to the show, when the episode goes live I will post it on here so if you want to listen you can, and then when you get onto Spotify, well you can click that crafty subscribe if you wanted to….#justsaying

Coming on the show we have some HUGE HUGE names and I have been given the green light to share some of these names with you…

Noelle Holten, KL Slater, Louise Beech, Clare Douglas, S.E Lynes, Lisa Jewell, C.J Tudor, Rowan Coleman, Katie Fforde, Will Dean, Madeleine Black, M J Arlidge…

Ok that is enough now. So you know what you need to do don’t you!!!

Also, there is an announcement coming up so make sure you like the Facebook Page (click here) to see what else is going to drop….to me it’s BIG.

If you are an author OR a blogger and want to come on the show let me know and we can get you on!

It is really the best fun!

If you want to find out more about Stu, or the 5 star girls here are their links and go and say hi 🙂

Stuart James (Big bad Author and the Daddy of the show) – Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Twitter

Chloe (The fabulous and cheeky co-host and a 5* girl) – Facebook, Instagram

Kate Everleigh (Awesome buddy reader and a 5*star girl) – Blog, Twitter

Donna Morfett (Legendary interviewer and a 5*star girl) – Facebook, Twitter

Jo Bilton (The glamour of the 5* star girl) – Facebook, Instagram,

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7 responses to “I do what a now? A Podcast? What is it called? @StuartJames73

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