Well that was July!

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It has been an odd month this one! I have now started to feel so drained with working from home and trying to find the motivation for it. When you read this I will have started my 3-week break from work. I would say holiday but our first family holiday abroad has been cancelled. Now before people get judgy, we booked this in January before the pandemic and obviously our health is way more important but still a bit crushing knowing that we now have nothing to look forward to in that respect, and man I need a break. However, Ryanair are not playing ball so its been stressful.

Like I say it’s been an odd month, but I FINALLY got to see my Mother! Funny how even though we talk every day I still missed her.

Mini-Me has now finished Year 1, god help me she is growing up too quickly and now she is on summer holidays until she grows, even more, to go into Year 2!! The horror of it.

The garden is getting more flowers and I love sitting outside and smelling the flowers. Although my nasturtiums have been eating away by the black flies 🙁 and the cats do think that it is a glorified litter tray.

Some flowers to bore you with…PLUS I didn’t plant some of this! Especially these big purple ones!

Next month (August) we find out where the boy will be posted for 3 years and we made the decision that Mini-me and I will not be moving with him, so going to be interesting.

It was the anniversary of my Dad’s passing, 11 years ago now, seems like yesterday he was here! Still hate how much he has missed

We will pass over the subject of the football and that disappointing end to the season.

I have been a rubbish blogger as I have not shared anyone’s posts for ages! I am sorry and normal service shall resume once I have had a break! I am wiped.

And I wrote about 3,000 words of my second book, on the back of a dream I had about Chris Evans. I have a playlist which is inspiring different scenes. Still need to finish book 1 which has kind of halted at 11,000 words so will need to go back to that. As Mini-me would say dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn

Captain America: Civil War': Why Chris Evans Is the Anxious ...

Ahem….sorry got slightly distracted here…….. if it hadn’t been for Knives Out I would have never have thought of him like this!!!!!

Not really much more to say so all things bookish now!

What Have I Read This Month?

A whopping 21 books, woah there! I surpised myself with that figure!!!!

What Have I Got This Month? 

Yes, you are right 2 are NetGalley! One is a tour and one was direct from the author! Otherwise, I stayed away and I bought audiobooks for my takeover!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Author TakeOver

Guest Post – The Book That Changed My Life

Review of Little Girl Lost (DI Robyn Carter #1)

Guest Post – From Comedy to Crime

Review of Secrets of the Dead (DI Robyn Carter #2)

Review of The Missing Girls (DI Robyn Carter #3)

Guest Post – Where the Magic Happens

Review of The Silent Children (DI Robyn Carter #4)

Review of The Chosen Ones (DI Robyn Carter #5)

Character Interview Time With Robyn Carter

Review of Life Swap

Guest Post – Why Laughter Can Change Your Life

Guest Post – 10 Crazy (But Not Dangerous) Things To Try Before Your 40th Birthday

Guest Post – A Day In The Life

Review of Take A Chance On Me

Review of What Happens in France

Guest Post – The Research Behind What Happens In France

Review of Suddenly Single

Guest Post – 10 Ways To Stay Healthy

Review of The Birthday (Detective Natalie Ward #1)

Review of Last Lullaby (Detective Natalie Ward #2)

Guest Post – 10 Movies You Would Take On A Desert Island

Review of The Dare (Detective Natalie Ward #3)

Part 1 – It’s Grilling Time – An Interview With Carol Wyer

Part 2 – It’s Grilling Time – An Interview With Carol Wyer

Guest Post – How To Write Crime Fiction

It’s A Birthday Post!!!

Review of The Sleepover (Detective Natalie Ward #4)

Promo Post – An Eye For An Eye (Detective Kate Young #1)

Review of The Blossom Twins (Detective Natalie Ward #5)

Character Interview Time With Natalie Ward

Review of The Secret Admirer (Detective Natalie Ward #6)

Review of Somebody’s Daughter (Detective Natalie Ward #7)

Guest Post – A Writer’s Journey

Author Appreciation

Blog Tours

Finders Keepers By Sabine Durrant

Her Shallow Grave By DK Hood

The Curse Of Calico Jack By Colin Garrow

Lucy’s Great Escape By Rosie Green

Shadows Of The Woods By Duncan Thompson

Cover Reveals

Who’s Next By Chris Merritt

Movie Reviews

Friday Nights Movies – 3rd July 2020 #MovieReviews

Friday Nights Movies – 10th July 2020 #MovieReviews

This will start again just haven’t had a chance to write up my reviews!

Book Reviews

The Demon Of Devilgate Drive By Colin Garrow

Blog Posts

#MusicMonday – This Addiction’s Got Me Twisted On You #Halestorm

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 11th July 2020 #Goodreadsclearout #ShouldIStay #ShouldIGo #IsthistheEnd?

#MusicMonday – I Never Want You To Go #PalayeRoyale

Reading Bingo 2020

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#MusicMonday – Funky Little Monkey, She’s A Twisted Trickster #Nickelback

I am having a couple of weeks off now from blogging and work. My holiday has been cancelled so will just chill out at home – I need a holiday from this house! I do have some tour posts coming up and 3 more Takeovers in the works but not until the end of August/September, I need some sleep!

How was your July?

Until next time xxx



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17 responses to “Well that was July!

  1. What a month you’ve had! Firstly, well, you know what I think about all the posts… *sends another hug*. Secondly, you really do deserve a break so definitely no judging going on here. We lost out with Ryanair too and I settled for a voucher to be used next year as trying to get money was proving too stressful. I hope you get a result soon and can plan for next year.
    Your flowers are beautiful! We don’t have many up here on windy hill because … well… the wind usually rips them to shreds or breaks their stems so I’ll just sit here and admire yours for a while longer.
    My father was in the army (and then worked alongside the army) for 45 years, and there were several postings where my mum and I were left behind. I know how difficult it is when you have to say goodbye for long spells like that, but something tells me you’ll be fine – you have Mini-me and all whole of the blogging community to keep you company.
    As for Knives Out! Well, I watched it only two days ago and now have Chris Evans on my brain thanks to that photo above. You’d better get that book written so I can see what exactly was triggered in your mind!
    Enjoy your break. You deserve it and I look forward to reading your next round-up. (mini-me will have to be renamed once she shoots pasts you in height!)
    Massive thanks for making my July superb.

    • Zoé

      I’m glad you got a voucher, we got told if we want a voucher we only had until December to use it. But my brother in law has finally managed to get us a refund, have to wait 4-6 weeks so we shall see.
      Oh no! That’s a shame about your flowers! The sea breeze destroyed some of my poppies as soon as they opened which Is annoying. I’m still learning but my neighbours have been helping me so I can at least grow something lol.
      Oh wow! I can imagine that was not fun. This will be his third posting, I’ve done the last 2 but we are settled here so we aren’t moving. I just seen it as a long tour where he cones home at weekends. Mini me is ok about it, it’s me that can’t go anywhere, lol
      Oh I love the film. Never found Chris Evans attractive until that film, now I can’t get enough lol. Well 2,000 words so far. I’m hoping to do some writing while I’m off. But I can’t use my right hand at the moment (thank god for being a lefty) so bit of a struggle!!
      I know! She’s been told to stop growing!!
      Thank you for making my July with all your fab posts it made the month fly by! Xxx

    • Zoé

      I want a holiday from home, been here long enough lol. It’s just nice to have some time doing nothing and chill. Just don’t quite know how to do nothing lol xxx

  2. Wow lovely, of course you’re wiped, look at what you’ve read and posted, I get tired just looking at it 😂 Enjoy your break, even though it’s not what you had in mind for your holidays 😘

    • Zoé

      I know I was tired writing it up! I will try to. currently icing my hand as I’ve not been able to use it since sat. Great start to my break 😆 xx

  3. Enjoy your break, Zoe, and don’t feel guilty about taking time out. Everyone deserves it and needs it more than ever right now. Didn’t know you were writing books so good luck with those. And thank you for the Chris Evans pic. Mmmm. xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks Jessica for those words. It’s not started great, got to get blood tests to see why I can’t use my right hand 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have some words written down not sure if they will see light of day lol but yes Chris Evans 😍 sigh lol xx

  4. Enjoy your well deserved break! Your flowers are gorgeous and that’s a bit crap about your holiday – we had ours cancelled too.

    Feet up and book in hand for the foreseeable x

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovely! Oh no where were you going? We’ve been fighting with Ryanair too 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m trying, but my reading has slowed down this week. Only read 2 books because I’ve been with the mini one all week 😘 xx

  5. Great post, Zoe. The flowers look wonderful! I’m also glad you got to see your mum. Football was indeed disappointing (I wanted Watford to stay up but the team let themselves down by playing well below their ability), but it looks like you read some amazing books. I hope you have a lovely August!

    • Zoé

      Thanks Stephen! Completely agree with Watford they had no passion I just hope they find it in the Championship and pull their finger out and then to sack the manager 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have had an awesome reading month, Hope August is the same lol. Hope you have a lovely August too! X