Well, That Was November! #Thatsawrap

Posted December 1, 2020 by Zoé in Blog / 5 Comments

Today is my daughter’s birthday and I am still recovering from the fact she is now 7!

It has been a quiet month, what with the ongoing lockdown, not much can be done. We have done a lot of walks which has been nice and we are also talking about getting a puppy. We are taking our time but with the boy going away in January, it is the perfect time for us to get one.

The podcast I was taking part in is on a hiatus at the moment, but it went out with a bang, I helped co-host the last episode with a fellow blogger, Chloe, from Chloe’s Reading Room. If you want to check out the episodes so far, here is a link to it.

I have started to do something called Book Folding and I am trying something quite interesting for my mum, but this is my recently project completed.

I have a happy mini one so that is good.

Well it’s short and sweet.

Ok, on to the bookish things!

What Have I Read This Month?

15 books, not too shabby this month!

What Have I Got This Month? 

So maybe the NetGalley got out of hand with pre-approved books, blog tours and requests. Eeek…..so the number has kind of increased but I will still plug away at them!

It is not helping me, because even though I started on 630 and I have got down to book 607 on the list when I checked my shelf on NG…I am back up to 633. Feck sake!!!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Blog Tours

The Stairwell by Dean Bryant

One By One By Ruth Ware

It’s Raining Men By Rich Amooi

The Stranger In My Bed By Karen King

Promises In The Dark By D.K Hood

337 By M.Jonathan Lee

Book Reviews

Predator By Zoe Caldwell

The Other You By J.S Monroe

Bad Blood By D.C. Brockwell

Trust No One By Keri Beevis

Don’t Move By James S. Murray And Darren Wearmouth

The Move By Felicity Everett

Broken Perfection By Heather Henle

The Summer Hideaway By Jenny Hale

The Hostage By Alan Gorevan

The House Mate By Nina Manning

Guest Posts

337 By M.Jonathan Lee

Cover Reveals

Nosey Parker Mysteries By Fiona Leitch

Blog Posts

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Well, that was my month, how has your month? It has been busy with my own reviews and not so many blog tours. What is wrong with me LOL. It has been nice to read for myself for a change and I have had quite a few audiobooks which have been good.

Hope you have had a good month! ?

Until next time xxx



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5 responses to “Well, That Was November! #Thatsawrap

  1. Oh my you have 633 books on NG? Wow
    Birthday wishes to your darling. Hope you enjoy the day with her. What’s this about a puppy… I would love to adopt a dog, but not sure if I could manage

    • Zoé

      *whispers* yes. I know I have issues. it’s annoying that i start to clear them and then i get clicky lol. Thank you, she is at school at the moment so will fuss over her later. I would love a puppy and as i won’t be in the office full time its the best time to get one but the prices are shocking.

  2. wow looks like a great bookish month Zoe! Happy birthday to Mini Me hope she has a wonderful day! What sort of puppy are you thinking of getting ? Tow of my sisters just got cocker poos without either one knowing they were going for the same breed! ? xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovely and for the birthday messages. So kind of you. We are looking Golden Retrievers and Labradors. Ha ha no way! What are the odds of that LOL xx

  3. Great job on the book folding! Did you paint it then? I bet she really did love it. I had to laugh when I read you had over 600 book on your NetGalley shelf. I don’t have that many but I feel like I have a lot. That’s what I’m tackling in January, to clear that baby off and to stop requesting books from the library ( at least that sounds good now ?). I hope your sweet girl had a nice birthday, they sure grow up too fast!